The three most important elements for creating a moral judgement on the vaccines

Isabella H. de Carvalho, I.Media
The Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith published a note in December 2020 affirming that it was “morally acceptable” to receive COVID-19 vaccines and reiterating that this choice should be “voluntary.” Almost a year after this document was published though, many Catholics are still debating and have questions on whether the inoculations are or should be a moral obligation.

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Can nasal irrigation reduce the number of hospitalisations due to covid-19?

There is an article circulating on the internet signed by a person who identifies himself as Joseph Mercola stating that "nasal irrigation may help in preventing hospitalisations for covid", and that these conclusions are drawn from "a study" which "showed that people who irrigated (washed) their noses with normal saline were 19 times less likely to be admitted to hospital for COVID-19 than the national rate". This is UNVERIFIABLE at the moment. There is not enough scientific evidence to confirm or disprove this claim.

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