• Is the Consortium’s membership free of charge?

Yes, the membership is free of charge.

  • Which are the required conditions to become members of the Consortium?

The main requirement is to be a Catholic media. Official membership should be addressed to consortium@aleteia.org. The members commit themselves to respect professional deontology and informational accuracy.

  • What does the platform offer?

To provide the Catholic media with accurate information about Covid-19 vaccines from both a scientific and ethical perspective.

  • What does NOT the platform offer? 

The members of the platform do not offer polarized information for or against the different vaccines. The only commitment is the truth.

  • Which responsibilities do I have as a member of the Consortium?

Provide verified information on the Covid-19 vaccine and immunization and spread it as deemed appropriate.

There is no mandatory number of articles to be published by the media belonging to the consortium.